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Below are a few frequently asked questions with answers to help you with a better understanding of Edu-Smart. Should you have any other questions or require an on site demo, please contact us on +88 02 8333196 OR write to

1. What is Edu-Smart?
a. Edu-Smart is the most comprehensive management system specially designed for educational institutions and developed by Edu-Smart experts, a leading IT firm focusing on Managed Service. It is a simple and affordable solution to help them manage the entire administration with ease and efficiency. Edu-Smart provides a means to collate all information related to the school activities and stake holders, manage and access them easily to help the authorities make quick and informed decisions. It also helps students, teachers and parents to stay connected 24/7, while they also have continuous access to all required information online to monitor the overall performance of the students. Since this application is developed using SaaS(Software as a Service), each institute would use the solution as a service in an extremely secure space which is exclusively allocated to it. Top

2. What are the various features/services that Edu-Smart provides?
a. Edu-Smart has 2 modules which cater to different features. The core product is called Edu-Smart GOLD and covers all the common features and functions required for an institution's administration and management. Separate modules are available as add-on modules to Edu-Smart GOLD for institutes to meet their special needs like Transport Management, Library Management, Online Fee Payment etc. These special modules are called Edu-Smart PLATINUM Modules.Top

3.What kind of educational institutes can buy Edu-Smart?
a. Edu-Smart is suitable for all educational institutions including schools, colleges, professional institutions, Tuition centers and Play schools.Top

4. Who all can access Edu-Smart services?
Edu-Smart GOLD can be accessed by Students, teachers, the management team, parents and Trustees/Directors. Institutes that opt for the PLATINUM modules can also be accessed by vendors, wardens etc depending on the chosen module.Top

5. What is Edu-Smart's pricing strategy?
The pricing is based on the monthly subscription model, and charged per student. However, based on the institution's specific needs, a suitable, flexible pricing model can be worked out.Top

6. What other services does Edu-Smart team provide to school?
a. Edu-Smart will provide a dedicated person to manage the school data and upload it to the website on a daily basis. This resource is provided free of cost to each school.
b. Edu-Smart also provides services to migrate all historical data into the Edu-Smart school portal.
c. Edu-Smart can design and host the school's website at no additional cost

7. Why Edu-Smart?
a. A highly scalable, secure and robust application that helps in efficient management of the administrative and academic activities of the institutes.
b. Quicker access to information and better communication between stake holders leading to quick decision making.
c. Allows parents to frequently interact with the teachers and have better access to the overall progress of their children.
d. Enables students to obtain/manage all curriculum and extra-curriculum related information online, as well as faster access to teachers & peers for any help.
e. A simple tool for teachers to easily manage their schedules, monitor their students' assignments and also communicate with parents on the performance of the students.
f. No investment on IT infrastructure, product development, maintenance or training.
g. Easy to navigate user interface.
h. Customizable for any specific requirements of the institutions.
i . No burden of data management.
j. Flexible pricing model.

8. What are the benefits of Edu-Smart to me as a parent?
a. You can get the academic report of your children at a glance with various graphs and tabular format.
b. You can have access to information on all events that is organized in the school.
c. You can get to know your child's/ward's attendance on a daily basis.
d. You can communicate with the teacher on a regular basis more than just during the parent-teacher meet.
e. You will be able to get information on the fee dues or payment schedules.

9. What are the benefits of Edu-Smart to me as a student?
a. You can view your timetable, syllabus, reference materials posted by teachers.
b. You can submit homework assignments on-line.
c. You will have access to online quizzes or any such events.
d. You can view your marks transcripts and and analyse your academic progress.
e. You can interact with your teachers and fellow students for any quick help.

10. How will Edu-Smart help me as a teacher?
a. You can access your timetable, your students' information such as attendance/leave records, their assignments etc.
b. You can publish exam schedules, marks sheets, progress reports, homework assignments, model test papers etc online.
c. You can view the graphical analysis of your individual student's performance over a period of time.
d. You can send notes to the parents online regarding their ward's performance.
e. You will be able to view and print your salary slips.

11. I am a parent who is not a computer literate. Can someone help me register myself?
Yes, the Edu-Smart coordinator will be help you with this.Top

12. I forgot my password. How to retrieve my password?
Click on the 'Forgot Password' button on your login page. Type your email id in the box and click on send. Your password will be sent to you by email to the id provided by you.Top

13. Can Edu-Smart be customized for my school?
Yes, we would be glad to discuss your specific requirements and provide suitable solution. Please write to us on and we will call on you.Top

14. Do I need to buy a PC to install Edu-Smart?
No, not necessarily. Edu-Smart is hosted by, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world using a PC with an internet connection. One PC at the school is preferable but not a must.Top

15. Can I personalize the look of the pages for my school?
Yes you can personalize your page with the color or the template of your choice.Top

16. Is there a limit on the number of students a school should have to subscribe to Edu-Smart?
No there is no upper limit on the number of students. However, a minimum of 100 students is a must to register for Edu-Smart.Top