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About Us

The lead team at Edu-Smart has clarity of the organization's strategic mix and recognizes both the strategic importance of having aligned cultures and of the role values play in creating those cultures. Our organizational values are clearly defined, commonly understood, genuine and form the cultural and behavioral framework within which our employees operate. In our organization, such shared understanding is not created through the leadership of individuals alone, it is achieved through leadership of principles, of beliefs, of conviction - these together constitute what we call our "values".

Our performance oriented approach strives relentlessly to achieve excellence through innovative and process-driven strategies with equal focus on commitment and speed for responding to internal and external customers with a sense of urgency, thus making our employees more performance-driven and competitive. We shall continuously seek to crash timelines and ensure expeditious completion of our tasks. Through this value, we hope to build an agile and proactive organization that is prompt to respond to the present and future needs of our customers. Our commitment is likely to make us a formidable leader and competitor in every market that we are in.

At the same time, integrity shall be the cornerstone for all our dealings, be it with our customers, our employees, suppliers, our partners, shareholders, the communities we serve or the government. On the foundation of integrity, we see commitment as doing whatever it takes to deliver as promised. Each one of us shall take ownership for our own work, teams and the part of the organization we are responsible for. Through this value, we shall build an even sharper results-oriented culture that is high on reliability and accountability.

All these values together form our core ideology. They are all equally important and no value will take precedence at the cost of the other. It is in the harmonization of all of the above that we see the prospect of greater value creation for all our stakeholders.